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En trend som tagit Instagram med storm och som fortfarande håller i sig är slime i alla möjliga färger och former, man kan inte annat än att älska det… på något sätt. Mer

Slime-videor är bara såå satisfying! Slimes populäritet är någonting många generationer kan skriva under på, enligt Refinery29 och under hashtagen #slime finns över 13 miljoner inlägg på Instagram. Vi har valt ut de fem vi tycker är allra mest tillfredsställande att kolla på!

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Comment your current favorite celeb/influencer and find twins! ⭐️ ♡ REVIEW: @slimeecommunity 🌈 Mr. Chipper ➡️ Citrus Freeze 🍋❄️
🍪 Mr. Chipper: I'm mad at myself for totally forgetting what this slime was called and I couldn't find it in the note 💔 To top it off, I'm abroad with no access to my slime collection atm 😭 I went to @slimeecommunity's (AKA Summer's) account and website and still couldn't find the name of this exact slime, although it bears some resemblance to her other super cute DIY kit called "Mr. Chipper" 😅 Long story short, please don't quote me on the name of this slime, and I'm a terrible reviewer with bad memory lol 🙈 All that aside, this was a super realistic DIY clay kit with a thick and beautifully glossy base — I love how thick Summer's DIY bases are and how well they still mix with the clay! Thick bases can cause the mixed texture to feel stiff, but this became soft, puffy and so inflating after mixing, and it smelled like fresh baked cookies! ♡
🍋 Citrus Freeze: Look at the colors! 😍 I love how neon this is, and even the mixed color is pretty 🧡 This has a dense, thick, and dry icee texture that's so easy to handle, and the scent is a super refreshing and citrusy! 🍋✨
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