Gosling, Harry Potter eller Jolie? Rebecca kan sminka sig till vem som helst


Rebecca Swift är en make up-artist som vi är minst sagt avis på. Inte bara för att hon har helt sjuka sminkskills, utan för att hon också kan sminka sig till typ vilken kändis som helst. Bästa partytricket? Svar ja! Mer

Så här ser Rebecca Swift ut utan smink:


Let my skin breathe yesterday but cookin up somethin hot today.?? What celeb do you wanna see for Day 50??

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Och här är några av de grymma sminkningar hon gjort:

Sofia Vergara:

Day 41 • Sofia Vergara #sofiavergara #modernfamily #caliente #100daymakeupchallenge #day41

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Zooey Deschanel:

Ryan Gosling:

Captain Jack Sparrow:

Harry Potter:

Ett penntroll:

Day 40 • Troll, TOY STORY ??? Dedicating this one to anyone who has felt bullied, mocked, shamed, or ridiculed. Trolls and bullies are everywhere, ya’ll. Just know that when people are aggressive or abusive toward you, it’s not about YOU. It’s about THEM- the lack of power or importance they feel, a deep pain they’re feeling inside- and it will cause them to lash out at anyone for any reason so they can make that hurt stop just for a little bit – so they can feel important and like they have control of something for a quick moment. Spitting venom is the only way they know to put a temporary bandaid over their own pain. Don’t take it personally. Don’t fight the hurt with hurt. Fight it with love. ❤️❤️??❤️❤️ #stompoutbullying #chooselove #noh8 #weseeyou #andyoureprettygreat

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Angelina Jolie:

DAY 14 • ANGELINA JOLIE #angelina #angelinajolie #makeup #mua #makeupartist #sfx #sfxmakeup #100daymakeupchallenge

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