Så ska vi börja prata om psykisk ohälsa – med hjälp av smink

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Med förhoppning om att lyfta stigmat kring psykisk ohälsa har Yasaman Gheidi startat #InsideOutChallenge. Mer

Kanadensiskan Yasaman Gheidi är en självlärd makeup-artist och startade utmaningen #InsideOutChallenge, vars syfte är att lyfta stigmat kring psykisk ohälsa. Utmaningen går ut på att man med hjälp av smink ska visa på utsidan vad man känner på insidan.

På sin Instagram delade Gheidi med sig av en händelse då hon på en jobbfest fick en panikångestattack och åkte hem, utan att säga något till någon. Morgonen efter frågade hon sin tjej vad hon skulle säga om någon frågade var hon tog vägen, och flickvännen svarade att Gheidi kunde säga att hon fått huvudvärk. Hon tyckte det lät bra, men ifrågasatte sedan varför hon kände att hon behövde dölja att hon hade fått en panikångestattack.

”Varför ska jag skämmas och ljuga om min panikångestattack? Det finns så många underbara och fantastiska människor som lider av samma psykiska sjukdom jag gör dagligen. Varför kan vi inte bara prata öppet om det?”, skrev Gheidi.

A few weeks ago my partner and I attended my Christmas staff party. After dinner I experienced an anxiety attack and we decided to leave. I chose to disappear quietly without drawing much attention to myself. I spent the rest of the night holding on to my partner and crying, mentally battling the anxiety until it went away. The next day I was incredibly worried that my workmates were going to question my quick disappearance. I asked my partner what to say when faced with these questions, and without much thought she said to say that I had a headache. I agreed but quickly questioned my decision. Why did I have to be ashamed and lie about my anxiety attack? So many wonderful and amazing people suffer from the same mental illnesses that I do on a daily basis. Why can’t we just talk about it openly? This experience along with many others inspired my ”Inside Out Challenge”. Mental illness shouldn’t have to be hidden away, let’s start to talk about it. ❤️ #endthestigma #letstalkaboutit _______________________________________________ PRODUCTS USED: @katvondbeauty ”Shade+Light Eye” palette + @morphebrushes 35P palette, @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_canada black liquid liner, @limecrimemakeup ”Fetish” velvetine, @hudabeauty ”Scarlett” lashes, @kryolanofficial Aqua colours palette _______________________________________________ #kvdlook #katvondbeauty #morphebrushes #morphe35b #nyxcosmetics #kryolan #kryolanprofessionalmakeup #limecrime #limecrimemakeup #makeup #instamakeup #bellletstalk #beauty #instabeauty #mua #makeupartist #makeupaddict #makeupbyme #mentalhealth #anxiety #selflove #positivevibes #insideoutchallenge #mentalillness #instagood #instamood #motd

Ett foto publicerat av YASAMAN GHEIDI (@lilmoonchildd)

Utmaningen blev snabbt viral och många skapade sina egna verk, för att visa vad de känner på insidan.

I’ll be posting 3 photos in the next few hours. All are of the same makeup look, inspired by @lilmoonchildd ’s #insideoutchallenge. The challenge is to raise awareness of/for mental illnesses. The goal is to show how uniquely someone can be emoting on the inside, despite a normalized outward appearance. ? I inherited depression and anxiety disorders from my mom, who inspires me constantly to keep moving forward. I know there will always be road blocks, but I’m actually really happy by how much understanding there is on social media now about anxiety/depression. It doesn’t have to be a dark mystery! Everyone’s experience is different. The more the social stigma lifts, the better. Thanks and praise to everyone who helps humanity toward this goal. ? I’ll explain my makeup concept and how it reflects my anxiety in my next post. ?Lip is KVD’s Lolita. White pigment is by Kryolan in Pearl over Mehron white water cake. More details to follow. ?(Check out @lilmoonchildd ’s page, btw! She’s an amazing human being and one of my favorite MUAs on Instagram.) #makeup #portrait #creativeportrait #anxiety #depression

Ett foto publicerat av Britt Gorman (@bat.barbie)

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This is my visualization of how depression and anxiety affect me. It feels like my head is turning into a black hole that absorbs all the happiness, hope and self esteem, as well as everything else I feel – except sadness. It gets overwhelming if it lasts and I usually think that I’ll never feel happy, calm and secure again. The stigmatization makes it even worse. If you constantly have to pretend you’re fine and aren’t it makes you feel even worse. I have suffered from various mental illnesses for over 10 years. I’m glad that today most of the people in my life know about my illness and accept it as a part of me and listen to me. They are there for both parts of me, the positive and the negative. This is why I participate in @lilmoonchildd s #insideoutchallenge – let’s end the stigma! Left side FACE: @urbandecaycosmetics All Nighter Foundation in 0.5 @lagirlcosmetics HD Pro Concealer in Porcelain @anastasiabeverlyhills Contour Cream Kit in Fair @kevynaucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium BROWS: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown and Clear Brow Gel Right side @katvondbeauty Metal Matte Palette and Tattoo Liner in Trooper Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette Black Gel Eyeliner @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_de Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Vivid Brights Eyeliner in Petal

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Inspired by the insanely talented @lilmoonchildd This look is for her amazing #insideoutchallenge focusing on bringing attention to mental illness. For this look I channeled how I’m feeling at low points of my depression and anxiety. Social anxiety can completely take over your life. Every day is a battle. From the pressure of going to work, any type of event or social gathering, even just personal interaction. Your mind feels jumbled and confused. Leaving you with barely any words to speak. The feelings of insecurity and judgement hit and your mind starts to pass judgement, calling you things like stupid, ugly, lazy, fat. Words may seem small to some people, but to others, they weigh your heart down so much that it feels like the world is crashing down on you. It’s all you think about. Please be kind to one another. Know that all mental illness matters, your voice matters. __________________________________________________ Products used: @mehronmakeup Paradise Paint Palette @morphe 35 B Palette @limecrimecosmetics Venus 2 palette -mud -mustard @maccosmetics pro longwear fluid liner in ”blacktrack” Foundation is MAC pro longwear Contour is #anastasiabeverlyhillscreamcontour __________________________________________________ #insideoutchallenge #endthestigma #makeup #mentalillness #mentalhealth

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? Schizophrenia: taken by the storm.? #insideoutchallenge. It’s a way for people to show how it feels like to struggle with a mental illness through makeup. Although, I do not struggle with a mental illness myself, I do know someone who is near and dear to my heart who is. I know the painful reality of having someone you love turn into a complete stranger because they didn’t take their medication. When I was little, I was embarrassed to be seen in public with them. I didn’t want to explain to strangers why they were laughing or whispering to themselves. But, now I know that it is out of their control And it is not their fault. If you know anyone who may be suffering from a mental illness, please be patient with them. Most importantly, Seek professional help.( oh, and shoutout to @down_on_brii for informing me of this challenge) ☺ took me a lot of balls to post this.

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